Financial Planning

Planning and budgeting is the key to success regardless of the stage of development of your business. So, whether you are thinking of starting a business, looking to obtain finance to bring your ideas to fruition, or planning your exit from your business, each stage will go more smoothly with careful and considered planning.

The services we offer

Cashflow Forecasts – for both startup and continuing businesses

Cashflow forecasts are frequently required when starting a business, when additional finance is required or for occasional bank/lender review.

We will take your existing, or for new businesses predicted first year sales, along with your other incomes and outgoings, as a base point and then agree with you your expected change in each for future years and produce a forecast for you to show the state of your finances at a given future point.
These forecasts will be in spreadsheet form with a written explanation.

Taxation Planning – for both startup and continuing businesses

Whether you are a start-up business or an existing one, getting unexpected, or unexpectedly large, tax bills can seriously damage your future plans. Knowing what you are likely to need to set aside and when you will need it is an important, but often overlooked, aspect of business.
Let us at RJM Accountants help ensure that not only are you aware of when your various taxes will be due, but also work with you to give you some idea of how much money you should be setting aside to cover them.